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Sovana, charming villages, is a rare jewel of medieval town planning.

From 7th to 3rd century BC was a flourishing Etruscan town, dating to this period is the important Etruscan necropolis with its grave called Tomb Ildebranda shaped greek temple. It was also an important city in Roman times, so much so that in the early centuries of Christianity became a bishopric.

It was conquered by the Lombards (594), and became a dominion of the Duchy Aldobrandeschi which came to include the whole province of Grosseto. Then passed to the Orsini family for inheritance and was sacked and destroyed by the Sienese in 1410. Remained in a state of great neglect for centuries, has had the fortune to arrive intact to this day in her medieval dress.

We can admire the Fortress Aldobrandesca, the Cathedral of Santi Pietro e Paolo, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Mamiliano and more.